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  1. Repair

Whether it’s a small fix or a major overhaul, Alaska 4-Wheel Drive’s technicians are ready to address all of your automotive needs.  Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and good old fashioned Alaskan “know how” gained from over 30 years of 4X4 maintenance in the Last Frontier, rest assured that you’ll be back off-roading Old Man Creek or making the weekend snowmachine trip to Thompson Pass in short order.
We Service the Following Vehicles

Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Bullet Toyota

  2. Bullet Range Rover

  3. Bullet Land Rover

  4. Bullet Chevy/Chevrolet

  5. Bullet Ford

  1. Bullet Dodge

  2. Bullet Nissan

  3. Bullet Jeep

  4. Bullet Various Front-wheel Drives

  5. Bullet ATVs & Off-Road Vehicles

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